Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last Minute Madness!

Well, it's after midnight and I should totally be in bed, but as usually I have been caking all night.  Last summer I was going to do a cake for someone's wedding and then they ended up getting an all inclusive package and didn't need the cake. Since I already had the design and a fair amount of the supplies, and I had already received a deposit, we decided that she would get in touch with me for their one year anniversary and I could do the cake then.  Well that was last July 4th, and I hadn't heard anything since.  So this afternoon, I run into her while I am out and she asks if I can do the cake for the 3rd...two days away!  Normally I would require at least a weeks notice, but I owed them a cake so I agreed.  Crazy me!  I work tomorrow and have meetings on Saturday, so naturally I cake during the night.  I must say though, it is kind of nice to bake at night because it doesn't make the kitchen quite as hot! :-)  
Anyway, I'll post pictures when I get it done! I just had to let that out :-) and now I'm off to bed to get a little sleep!

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