Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberry cake...

 For about a year now I have been looking for a good, from scratch, no "jell-o" included recipe for a strawberry cake.  I have looked in cookbooks and online and have yet to have found one that I like.  Well my wonderful friend Dayna sells for a company called "Shelf Reliance" and they specialize in freeze dried foods. The strawberries when "reconstituted" regain almost completely their original texture and flavor, not to mention they still have the nutrients and vitamins that would be lost in dehydrated strawberries. So my plan now is to use the freeze dried strawberries to get my all natural strawberry cake.

Today was my first attempt, and isn't something I would sell at this point, but I think it has potential. I think I will add more strawberries  next time and use a white cake base recipe, rather than yellow.  To many people that is probably common sense, but I have never been one to make up my own recipes.  I rely on the generosity and talent of others for the best flavors, but desperate times call for desperate measures!  So I will tweak what I did today, and then  tweak that until I can finally get my Strawberry cake!  Wish me luck!

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  1. I still think it was super yummy!! Thanks for the mention. Had fun Sat making the cake pops, those were yummy too. I want Ryan's job next time as the QC (Quality Control) checker!