Sunday, August 8, 2010

I am so excited for this week's cake!  My friend is having a Sex in the City themed party that I get to make a cake for...More Shoes!  I have already made the gum paste items and can't wait to get it all together!  I'll probably post it on Saturday :)
I am glad that things have been keeping fairly busy with the cakes.  Still a lot of volunteer cakes, but I am getting some orders.  Ryan and I can't help but say "oh, that would be a great place for a bakery" when we drive by property for sale :)  I actually would prefer to keep the business in my home (but with it's own private kitchen) rather than have an actual bakery, but it's fun to dream!
I am hoping to get some more of the business end of things done soon though.  I am trying to get together a brochure with some pics, prices and details put together and also a couple of portfolio photo books to have on hand.   The hardest thing for me is still pricing!  It's so hard to charge for doing something I love, but I would go broke if I didn't! :)  Oh well, I'm sure I'll get all the details figured out in time, but in the meantime, I love what I do!  There is such a rush in having a cake turn out just right!

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